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Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels have been widely used in the PCD/PCBN tools edge processing, diamond edge processing, carbide cylindrical processing and camshaft grinding and other processing fields. ZTSUPERHARD™ vitrified bond grinding wheels will produce a lot of heat in the process of high load. The effect of vitrified grinding wheels with cooling fluid is more outstanding.

The diameter range is 10 ~ 900mm; the thickness range is 3 ~ 300 mm; the grit size range is 80# ~ 5000#. We can also design and make nonstandard grinding wheels according to customers' requirement.

Main Features

1. Sharp cutting

2. High ef fciency

3. Less heat and jam generated in grinding

4. Easy control of the precision

5. Easy dressing

6. Save time

7. Long life

8. Cost ef fective

ZTSUPERHARD™ vitrified bond grinding wheels are widely used in diamond, PCD tools, PCBN tools and automotive crankshaft and camshaft processing. Many breakthroughs have been made in PCD composite material, CBN composite material and tungsten carbide processing, and more processing areas are being explored.

Main Specifications